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I am above all else a teacher. Every pivotal experience I have ever had has evolved from the process of facilitating learning.  My core goal has always been to create opportunities for growth and success.  In 2003 I began my academic journey, expanding on skills I had already been utilising in my community.


Today I have a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma of Education.  I'm certified as a Master Aerial Hammock Instructor with over 500 hours of Training, specialising in Aerial Yoga, Aerial Pilates, Aerial Therapeutics and Aerial Dance.  I've also certified as an ACROVINYASA instructor, children's AcroYoga teacher and 200HR Yoga Teacher.  


Understanding the body and caring for the welfare of the beautiful souls who choose to share my space has been paramount for me from the very beginning.  My training as a Bodyworker compliments my teaching, and enriches my offerings, allowing me a distinctive and detailed perspective of the human body, mind and spirit.

My journey is a human one, filled with misjudgments and missteps.  My health is hard-won and a constant effort.  But I believe that my struggles and flaws, my years of learning and experience gift me with a unique perspective of the world and our search for health and happiness.  My wish is to inspire, I hope join me for the journey x



Online Offerings:

Exciting News to come!

Private Training:

Learn correct alignment, advance your practice or understand how to work with injury or towards rehabilitation in your Aerial/Acro/Mat practice.

*Please note, due to current health guidelines, all Private Training is now also offered over Zoom.

Workshops, events and festivals:

*Due to current health guidelines I am unavailable for all public events.  If you would like to discuss local, interstate or international events for 2021, please contact me.

Aerial Hammock Teacher Trainings:

I love to team up with local, interstate and international studios to run a variety of Aerial Hammock Teacher Trainings. I currently have 9 Aerial Hammock certifications on offer, and will happily tailor the trainings to the specific needs of the studio and students.

*Please note, at this stage I have cancelled all 2020 Teacher trainings until November.  If you would like to discuss possibilities for 2021, please do contact me :) 

Jana, Physiotherapist

Chantelle is the most beautiful person, both inside and out.  She listens intently to what is causing your troubles which allows her to treat you on spiritual, emotional and physical levels.  She has the ability to bring you back down to earth with her words, and heal you with her hands.  Her touch is strong, yet gentle.  She will take the time to explain to you what is happening to your body both physically and metaphysically.  I would not hesitate to recommend Chantelle as a Bowen Therapist, Aerial and ACROVINYASA instructor.  She has my full confidence and is the top of my list to call on when I need help with my broken body.

Janice, Artistic Director

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with and even train exceptional individuals.  Chantelle began as a client with me, and was quickly recognized to have talents needing to be shared.  After completing her initial Aerial Training she quickly became a leading instructor at Posture Positive with a passion for learning.  With many years of continued developmental training she is now a respected peer whom I call upon for advice.  There is no doubt from the moment you meet this soul you know you are in good hands.  Her dedication to her ongoing training is unprecedented.  She has a caring, calm and patient approach with everyone she works with, and takes the time to connect, listen and support those around her.   If you want to grow as an individual, spend time with Chantelle.

Kate, Aerial Instructor

Chantelle is one of those rare gems that are few and far between.  She has a beautiful and soulful way about her, along with great knowledge of the human body.  Chantelle is professional and encouraging and all round the loveliest lady you will ever meet.  After a session with her my body, mind and soul feel utterly nourished!  I travel from Brisbane every week to train with Chantelle rather than anyone else, as I’ve found no one better.


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