200-Hour Aerial Yoga Certification

This course is available as a 3-week Intensive or as a mixed medium offering (online and in-person) over 8 months.  

The mixed medium offering includes online lectures taught live on weekends and in-person practicums located at the Sunshine Coast (QLD).

Course Summary:

  • 300 hours hands on training and mentorship from Chantelle Rawlings and the Course Faculty.

  • 300+ Aerial poses with Benefits, Cautions and Modifications.

  • Earth & Air, 300-hr Aerial Hammock Teachers Manual - distributed exclusively at the teacher training. 

  • Detailed understanding of applied anatomy.

  • Physical and philosophical connection between yoga and aerial practices.

  • Alignment and Safe Practice.

  • A detailed understanding of verbal cues.

  • A complete roadmap to sequencing and Structuring classes for a variety of student needs and teaching spaces.

  • Certificate of completion.

Standard Fee: $4500

International Fee by Negotiation

A 30% partial payment is required to secure your place in the course, the remaining cost can be paid off prior to course commencement.

Upcoming Training...

There are currently no 300-hr Aerial Hammock Teacher Trainings scheduled for 2020.

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Meet the Faculty....

Course Outline:

Theory -

  • Anatomy & biomechanics in an Aerial Yoga context.

  • Alignment & safe Practice. 

  • Benefits, cautions & modifications.

  • Catering for Special Needs.

  • Choreographic Devices.

  • Understanding the Fascial System.

  • Physical & philosophical connection between yoga & aerial practices.

  • Principals of Pilates.

  • Sequencing.

Practicum - 

  • Aerial Yoga L1 (understanding the unique needs of new practitioners).

  • Aerial Yoga L2 (catering for more experienced practitioners).

  • Aerial Yoga L3 (meeting the needs of experienced practitioners).

  • Aerial Yoga for Kids (learning the language and skills to teach children aged 2.5-12 years)

  • Aerial Yoga Release & Restore (low Aerial Hammock applications).

  • Prenatal Aerial Yoga (caring and protecting expectant mothers).

  • Aerial Yoga for 60+ (how to modify the practice and build confidence).

  • Aerial Body Conditioning (Power Yoga and Pilates in the air).

  • Dance Hammock L1 (intermediate practitioner).

  • Dance Hammock L2 (advanced practitioner).


Chantelle Rawlings

Aerial Hammock Specialist

Chantelle's qualifications include:

  • BA (Hons) Performing Arts

  • Post Grad Diploma in Education

  • 500hr Aerial Hammock 

  • SkyYoga L2 

  • Flow & Fly Aerial Restore 

  • Acrovinyasa L1

  • AcroYoga for Kids

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher 

  • Bowen Therapy

  • Hawaiian Massage


Carly Ponter

500hr Registered Yoga Teacher

Carly's qualifications include:

  • Mat Pilates

  • Anusara Yoga

  • Yin Yoga 

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Meditation

  • 150hr Aerial Yoga 

  • 50hr Aerial Pilates


Julie Churchward

Myofascial Specialist

Julies's qualifications include:

  • Myofascial Movement

  • Mat Pilates

  • 50hr Aerial Yoga 

  • 50hr Aerial Pilates

  • Hawaiian Massage


Zoe Gianduzzo

Occupational Therapist

Zoe's qualifications include:

  • Occupational Therapy

  • RAD Ballet

  • Contemporary Dance

  • 50hr Aerial Yoga 

  • 50hr Aerial Pilates

  • 50hr Dance Hammock

  • Bowen Therapy

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