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Aerial Yoga Bundles

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Because we have all of the BEST nonsense and none of the crap.

Over the years, as an Aerial Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer, I've often been asked to make recommendations regarding the best places to purchase Aerial Equipment. I've always done my best to offer educated advice, but ultimately i was running up against the issue of there being no Aerial Arts safety standards in Australia. What this means for you is that unless you know what the strength ratings mean and how to interpret all of the risks associated with equipment, you can end up with equipment that isn't  tested, rated or strong enough to do its job.  Being the safety focused freak that I am, I found this very upsetting.


Then COVID-19 happened, and suddenly I was almost completely out of work, which was tough.  But it also meant that my beautiful colleague, Ash and I had the gift of all of the time to research and find the BEST quality and SAFEST Aerial Equipment options!  We even found our own fabricators to create the strongest runner loops and daisy chains on the market :)


What does this mean for you??


It’s totally ok if you have no idea what you need because I can help you.  You will get equipment you can count on because it is the best and safest in Australia! And you get to save time and money because most of it is made right here on the Sunshine Coast, so weeks waiting on postage isn't a thing...Plus you are supporting a couple of Australian Businesswomen :)