float . fly . create .

Immerse yourself in the peace and serenity of the Sunshine Coast  Hinterland.

Elevate, is a beautiful, purpose built aerial arts studio surrounded by lush Australian trees and the sound of birdsong.

Plastic Sheet Floating

Aerial Bliss

This is a delicious uniquely nurturing class that take traditional elements of yin yoga and restorative yoga into the air.  You will find relief from anxiety, stress and chronic pain as we guide your body into a beautiful place of calm and wellbeing.


Discover the blissful experience of feeling supported as you move and rest and enjoy an empowering journey into meditation whilst suspended in the womblike embrace of the cocoon.


2 Hours




7 people minimum

*Please note, this is a low Hammock class

Love Graffiti

Aerial Funk

Move and groove to some kickass old school tunes as we salute your inner child with a fun and dynamic aerial adventure.  


Tune in and tune up as we hang, swing and climb our way through a FUNtastic combo of cardio, and strength and toning.  


Shake that booty, it’s time to get your FUNK on!


60 Minute




7 people minimum

Floating Lotus in Bloom

This class will invite you to be present without judgment as you explore that blocks that may be held in the cradle of the body.  You will be guided through a series of long holds designed to melt hip tension, clearing space for insights and 



As you release stagnant energy and liberate yourself from unprocessed life experiences by opening the muscles around your hips, you will access freedom and ease within both body and mind, allowing vital energy to flow fluidly, illuminating a path of self-transformation. 


1 Hour




7 people minimum

Sparkling Lights

Custom Workshop

Do you have a special event that needs something personalised and unique?

Pop me a message and we can work together to create a workshop with the extra special magic you need :)


Anahata - Aerial Glow

The gentle pace of this class will allow you to be receptive to breath as you are invited to go inward.  


You will discover a new spaciousness in body and heart as you dissolve fears and open up to love in a series of heart openers made possible by the sot support of the silk.  


With this sense of lightness and release, your heart will shine brighter, creating the ultimate transformation as feelings of self-love unites with the hearts of others and the pulse of the universe. 


90 Minute




7 people minimum